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One Connect Marketing Suite

One Connect Marketing helps agencies, consultancies and professional service firms streamline projects, simplify quoting, automate billing, Lead Management and optimize utilization.

One Connect CRM

“ONE CONNECT CRM” is a kind of Management System that cover all core step including branding, social media campaigns, lead management, client management, sales, account, and support.
ONE CONNECT enables a business to build its basic brand. It’s the combination of processes that typically work for a business to activate its sales funnel and run extra miles. This Ecosystem manages all your stack holders under one roof and is not only used to execute but also generate a set of reports & results that helps you in decision and policymaking.
One Connect CRM Features

Data Collection

Fire Lead CRM collects data via its data scraping tools by selecting any keyword or term by the client that suits their product or service that it will store in the main database.

One Connect CRM Features

Campaign Launch

IN the next step the campaign will be launched on that already collected data. The client and send Branded SMS (API will be purchased from Telecom carrier), None Branded SMS (own Tool), Email Campaign (own Tool), WhatsApp Business Sender(own Tool).

One Connect CRM Features

Lead Management

In this 3rd step the leads will be generated and can we store in database. Our lead management system will allow client to assign lead to the team, make a follow-up, Reminders and update the lead status.

One Connect CRM Android/IOS Apps

Our sophisticated, yet simple, CRM Apps makes it easy for user to manages their leads. Lead to dial options, call records & logs, invoices, client statements, crm to multiple share option and many many more on the go options.
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